Monday, 11 April 2016

Different Types of Drainage Systems

A proper drainage system is perhaps the most important feature of a household. A proper drainage system is essential not only for the health and well-being of your family, but also for the upkeep of your aesthetically pleasing house. This is why you should thoroughly research the type of drainage systems that will be best suited for your house.

Surface Drainage System
In such a system ditches a dug in a parallel pattern.  The idea is that they serve the functions of a canal, and that they transport the water far away from your residence.

Subsurface Drainage Systems

They are placed on the top layer of the soil, so they can get the excess water that has been absorbed by the roots. The roots if exposed to the water for a long amount of time can have a pretty negative effect on the trees, and the soil surrounding it. The process involves digging deep ditches and installing pipes underground .A sump pump is usually required to push the water out, but that however can be quite an expensive proposition.

Downspout And Gutter System

 This is usually connected to the gutter, and is tasked with carrying the water away from the roof and down to the ground. This is a commonly used effective method which does not cost much, and gets the job done  effectively.

Slope Drainage System

Let the water take its natural course and flow downhill. This is done by installing a pipe at a small incline and then allowing the water to flow downhill through it.

Each and every home requires a residential drainage system which works like a charm. Hence it is imperative that you invest in a good drainage system. Personally I had a good experience with advantage drainage, who installed a French drain in my yard. It works great, and was extremely affordable. I would suggest all potential home owners contact them if they have any drainage issues.

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